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Main difference between solid state capacitor and aluminum electrolytic capacitor
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The full name of a solid capacitor is a conductive polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitor, also called a polymer aluminum capacitor. It is currently the highest level of capacitor products. The dielectric material of the solid capacitor is a functional conductive polymer, which can greatly improve the product. The biggest difference between it and liquid aluminum electrolytic capacitors is its stability and safety. The cathode material used in aluminum electrolytic capacitors in the past is electrolyte, while solid capacitors are conductive polymer materials. , Common conductive high molecular polymers are PPY, PEDH. Solid capacitors are highly valued by Intel and motherboard manufacturers. Compared with previous electrolytic capacitors, what are the advantages of solid capacitors?

As the frequency of PCs has become higher and higher in recent years, the power consumption has increased accordingly, which requires higher and higher requirements for the capacitance of the power supply part of CPU\Memory\PCI EXPressdevices. However, no matter how low the impedance is, the traditional liquid aluminum electrolytic capacitor will still generate heat. When the temperature rises to a certain level, the vapor pressure inside the capacitor will increase. At this time, the capacitor function of filtering and voltage stabilization will continue to decrease, even because of the continuous rise of temperature, which will cause bulging and leakage (usually referred to as "capacitor burst"), which is often caused by faulty parallel capacitors. The motherboard is not working properly, or even not working at all, and needs to be repaired.

Solid capacitors use conductive polymer materials with high conductivity and excellent thermal stability as the solid electrolyte, instead of the electrolyte in traditional aluminum electrolytic capacitors, greatly improving the shortcomings of traditional liquid aluminum electrolytic capacitors and exhibiting excellent electrical characteristics and Reliability, the conductive polymer aluminum solid electrolytic container has become the mainstream of the next generation of solid electrolytic capacitors. The electrons of the conductive polymer of the solid capacitor move faster on the molecules (low impedance) while the ions of the liquid electrolyte move in the liquid state. Slower (high impedance), which leads to conductive polymers having a better conductivity index than liquid electrolytes. The conductivity index of conductive polymers can reach thousands or even tens of thousands of times that of liquid electrolytes! Solid capacitors It exhibits lower impedance at high frequencies. Low impedance represents low resistance loss. It does not consume electricity and turns into heat, so it does not increase the temperature, and it does not degrade the capacitance, which can make the system more stable.

It is precisely because of these excellent characteristics of solid capacitors that they are favored by the majority of motherboard manufacturers and become one of the essential materials on today's high-end motherboards.

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